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The World is Facing a Learning Crisis

  • Even prior the pandemic, at least 175 million pre-primary school-aged children and 262 million primary and secondary school-age children – one in five – does not have access to education
  • Half of the children in low- and middle-income countries, who lives in Learning Poverty are unable to read and write a simple text by age 10
  • 31 per cent of school children worldwide who are mainly from rural areas and/or poor households cannot be reached by remote learning programs
  • 40 per cent of countries did not provide remote learning opportunities at the pre-primary level of education

Being out of school for that long means that children not only stop learning, they also tend to forget a lot of what they have learned. These learning crisis will likely lead to an enormous amount of students dropping out of school, which could affect their future earnings.

In 2021, UNICEF have already helped 60 million out-of-school children gain access to early learning, primary or secondary education, and provided individual education or early learning materials to 93 million children. All these works has improved 79 per cent of countries’ learning outcomes. However, with the ongoing learning crisis and challenges, we urgently need to find solutions to reimagine education.

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