Your Inspired Gifts are being delivered and bringing HOPE to children who urgently need life-saving materials.


It takes seconds to send the help a child needs. When you donate, we deliver to children in 190 countries.


Help children stay warm in freezing temperatures

This is January and in many places, winter is still harsh. In regions with conflicts and disasters, many children live without adequate heating in tented camps for displaced people or damaged homes. Buying warm clothes for winter has become a luxury parents can no longer afford.

In freezing temperatures, children are at risk of respiratory illnesses like pneumonia, which impacts their ability to go to school. A lack of adequate and available healthcare only makes matters worse. In the most severe cases, some children—especially babies—can even die from the freezing cold.

UNICEF wants to supply boxes with winter clothing and blankets to children of all ages—from birth through the teenage years. We need your help to reach as many children as possible before winter does.

Donate HK$2,000 to send a life-saving winter clothing kit, 5 banklets and, 4 sheets of tarpaulin.


Across the world, malnutrition amongst children has risen – FAST

The COVID-19 pandemic, armed conflicts and weather extremes are all leaving children desperately hungry and struggling to survive.

We are seeing catastrophic levels of need among children in so many parts of the world, from South Sudan to Yemen, Madagascar, Syria and many more places.

At the click of a button, you could send the food a child needs to survive. It only takes seconds to send a donation – please, send it now.

Donate HK$850 to send 4,000 tablets of iron and folic acid supplements, 450 sachets of micronutrient powder, and 48 packs of high energy biscuits.


11 per cent of primary-school-aged children and 20 per cent of lower-secondary-aged children are not in school at all

COVID-19 continues to disrupt education systems worldwide. In over 140 countries around the world, UNICEF not only works to provide learning opportunities that prepare children and adolescents with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive which offers a brighter future to them.

Donate HK$450 to send 12 UNICEF schoolbags and 15 local-language textbooks