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UNICEF HK ‘for every child, hygiene’

UNICEF HK launched an emergency action entitled 「童你抗疫」衞生行動 ‘for every child, hygiene’ in March 2020, providing toilet disinfection service, delivering hygiene bags, and disseminating educational resources on personal and household hygiene to 10,000 grassroots families especially those living in subdivided flats and undesirable household environment. This action strengthened caregivers’ awareness on hygienic home environment, in particular toilet sanitation, to prevent and control diseases and safeguard the health of children and their families.​

Situation of the Low-Income Families


Children are prompted to stay idle at home due to prolonged class suspension. In view of evidences and reports suggesting that poor toilet sanitation might spread germs, the living environment of subdivided units and longer exposure to unventilated indoor air pose a heightened risk of infection and threat to personal health and safety of these children and families. UNICEF HK launched ‘for every child, hygiene’ to enhance needy families’ capacity to protect themselves and children.


Relieving the Urgency for Masks


The COVID-19 epidemic created an acute demand of surgical masks, and the availability of child face masks was limited when the pandemic began in early 2020. UNICEF HK received adults and children face masks from major donors and sponsors, to address urgent needs of needy children and families.

Disinfecting Toilets for Better Living


‘for every child, hygiene’ targeted to support low-income families with children, in particular those living in subdivided flats and undesirable conditions. We arranged professional sanitation workers to disinfect toilets of the flats by spraying self-sanitizing disinfectant coating, providing a clean toilet space to children and families. UNICEF HK’s hygiene bags included masks for adults and children, as well as personal and household hygiene products to support grassroots children and families to maintain their personal hygiene.


Educating the Hygienic Practices


In order to raise awareness on infection prevention, UNICEF HK disseminated educational resources on proper hygienic practices, aiming to improve children and families’ hygiene practice continuously.


Working in Solidarity, ‘for every child, hygiene’


UNICEF HK is always grateful for the trust that the sponsors and different sectors have placed in us, as well as their swift action in supporting our emergency response. We are delighted to see that different sectors are working in solidarity to scale up infection prevention efforts. We also give thanks to over 170 NGOs, schools and community leaders, who provided robust support at the local level. They helped not only reaching out to beneficiary families but also coordinating efforts.

Thanks to the efforts and support from the community, UNICEF HK is able to launch ‘for every child, hygiene’ within a short period of time. This action not only benefits the most in need in our society but also echoes UNICEF’s global action to create a safety net for every child.


UNICEF’s Humanitarian Strategy

UNICEF is working closely with local governments and other United Nations country and humanitarian team partners, to provide technical guidance and support.
“This is a race against time,” said UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore. “The immediate focus is to reduce human to human transmission but also to help children in areas where their access to essential services has been disrupted.”
Here is how we’re responding with activities that:

  • provide critical hygiene and medical supplies for health care and education structures: We have flown in 30 tonnes of supplies including protective suits, masks, goggles and gloves for use by health workers. Across East Asia and the Pacific region, we are providing personal protection for health workers; hygiene materials for thousands of schools and public health facilities and other public places;
  • ensure that children and pregnant and lactating women who are impacted by the outbreak are supported with adequate health care;
  • assess and facilitate prevention campaigns: Given the unpredictable nature of the virus and the continued spread, UNICEF is working closely with Government authorities to educate communities, implement prevention campaigns and tackle misinformation.

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